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Meeting number: 1694
Date (yyyy-mm-dd): 2020-09-22

Head Table officials:
Chairperson Daniel A.
Toastmaster Brian S.
Table Topics Master Not Available
General Evaluator Roberto F.
Sergeant at Arms Daniel A.
Assistant Sergeant at Arms Not Available
Guest Greeting Marie A.
Secretary Nadia B.
Timer Nelida R.

Call To Order
Moment of reflection Jean S.
Toast Marie A.
Moment of humour Jean S.

Educational session
1- Table topics

2- Prepared Speeches
No. Language Level Speaker Evaluator
1 Fr ? Marie A. Nadia B.
2 ? ? Dan G. Open
3 ? ? Sonia A. Phil T.
4 ? ? John T. Wilmar P.
5 ? ? Ricaardoe D. John T.

3- Evaluations
Table Topics Evaluator Not Available
French Grammarian Open
English Grammarian Open