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A meeting at the Moderator Club

Once you arrive at our meeting room one of our officials will introduce you to the club members and answer your questions about the Toastmasters program. Consult the meeting agenda sheet to get a better understanding of the structure of the meeting. A typical Moderator club meeting consists of two main parts: The Business Session and the Educational Session.


First part: Business Session

The meeting is opened at 6:30 PM by the Chairman, who conducts the Business session and then introduces the Toastmaster of the evening, who hosts the Educational session.

Second part: Educational Session

The Toastmaster conducts the Educational Session.  This is the main part of our meeting, when various kinds of speeches are presented by our members.  It normally consists of three parts:

  • Impromptu Speeches (known as Table Topics)
  • Prepared Speeches
  • Evaluations.

After opening with a brief explanation of the Educational Session, the Toastmaster introduces the Tables Topics Master.

Table Topics

The Tables Topics Master leads the Impromptu Speaking Part. Speakers give 1 to 2 minutes impromptu speech on a specific topics supplied by the Table Topics Master.

Fifteen-minute break: This gives guests a chance to socialize with members over sandwiches and coffee.

Prepared Speeches

The Toastmaster introduces between two and four members who will present speeches they have developed and rehearsed using the guidelines set out in one of the Toastmasters communication manuals. Members and guests are encouraged to provide helpful written comments to each speaker.

General Evaluation

The third and final part of the educational session is devoted to speech evaluations. The General Evaluator of the meeting hosts this session and is responsible for evaluating the overall quality of the meeting and the performance of the officials. The General Evaluator also calls on several members to evaluate the impromptu and prepared speakers. Evaluations are always encouraging and constructive.  Finally the General Evaluator turns controls of the meeting back to the Toastmaster who concludes the Educational session.

The chairman then takes over and closes meeting.

Note that, as a bilingual club, we strive for a balance of French and English content at every meeting. This enables everyone to practice their second language in a friendly yet business-like environment.