Prochaine réunion

Meeting number: 1777
Date (yyyy-mm-dd): 2022-06-28

Head Table officials:
Chairperson Open
Toastmaster Open
Table Topics Master Jean S.
General Evaluator Kerry S.
Sergeant at Arms Wadih M.
Assistant Sergeant at Arms Open
Guest Greeting Open
Secretary Open
Timer Open

Call To Order
Moment of reflection Wadih M.
Toast Fahimeh K.
Moment of humour Open

Educational session
1- Table topics

2- Prepared Speeches
No. Language Level Speaker Evaluator
1 En ? Open Open
2 ? ? Open Open
3 ? ? Open Open
4 ? ? Open Open
5 ? ? Open Open

3- Evaluations
Table Topics Evaluator Open
French Grammarian Open
English Grammarian Open