Prochaine réunion

Meeting number: 1794
Date (yyyy-mm-dd): 2022-11-29

Head Table officials:
Chairperson John T.
Toastmaster Wadih M.
Table Topics Master Lea S.
General Evaluator Open
Sergeant at Arms Kerry S.
Assistant Sergeant at Arms Open
Guest Greeting Maria Adjaoudi .
Secretary Open
Timer Maria Adjaoudi .

Call To Order
Moment of reflection Open
Toast Fahimeh K.
Moment of humour Eric C.

Educational session
1- Table topics

2- Prepared Speeches
No. Language Level Speaker Evaluator
1 En ? Lilli J. Open
2 ? ? Open Open
3 ? ? Open Open
4 ? ? Open Open
5 ? ? Open Open

3- Evaluations
Table Topics Evaluator Catherine M.
French Grammarian Open
English Grammarian Open