President’s Message

Welcome to the Moderator Club

As the President of the Moderator Toastmasters Club, I am pleased to welcome you to our website. It will provide you with some basic information about our Club, where we meet, how our meetings are organized and how you can join.

I believe the Moderator Toastmaster Club has something to offer to anyone who wishes to learn public speaking and leadership. Our weekly meetings provide a friendly setting, a lively and varied program of speaking activities and support from fellow members through formal speech evaluations and informal discussions.

Ever since our Club was founded in 1979 it has provided its members, beginners and veterans, alike with a safe place to develop their public speaking and leadership skills. So feel free to explore our web site, and then consider visiting our Club.

Guests are not obligated to speak. Come and watch us for an evening or two and you will soon experience the “pleasure of communicating and the richness of sharing”. We look forward to meeting you.

Jean Sauvé
Moderator Club 2022 – 2023

Current Executive Committee

Jean Sauvé


Brian Saykaly

Vice President of Education

Phil Torre

Vice President of Membership

Wadih Maalouf

Vice President of Public Relations

Michael Manzo


John Torre


Kerry Schacter

Sergeant At Arms

Kerry Schacter

Past President

Description of Club Officers Roles

The President
  • The president is the leader who determines the club’s objectives and explains them to the officers and members; plans, delegates and controls the club progress
  • Coaches the club officers
  • Chairs the club Executive Committee meetings
  • Applies the Distinguished Club Program
  • Votes in person or by proxy at the annual conferences (district, regional and international)
  • Responsible, with the Treasurer, for sending the semi-annual dues to TI(Toastmasters International)
  • Registers the club officers with TI
  • Plans special events
  • Advises TI of any changes in the club Officers


The Vice President Education
  • Prepares the educational program for each meeting
  • Follows up on the progress of each member
  • Monitors the integration of new members and their educational progress
  • Initials the completed projects in the speakers’ manuals
  • Encourages the members to participate in other Toastmasters activities and programs
  • Organizes the club contests
  • Chairs the Executive Committee Meetings when the President is absent
  • Votes in person or by proxy at the annual conferences (district, regional and international)
  • Chairs the Educational Committee
The Vice President of Membership
  • Recruits new members
  • Organizes the membership program or contest
  • Welcomes guests and encourages them to join.
  • Keeps guest materials
  • Completes the membership application form (form 400)
  • Performs the induction ceremony for the new members
  • Conducts member satisfaction surveys
  • Chairs the Recruitment Committee
The Vice President of Public Relations
  • Plans the public relations programs
  • Prepares the publicity materials – brochures, cards, etc.
  • Maintains the club’s website
  • Responsible for good relations inside and outside the club
  • Chairs the Public Relations Committee


The Secretary
  • Keeps the list of members up to date and is responsible for the club attendance record
  • Makes sure that all members receive the Toastmaster magazine
  • Responsible for the minutes of club meetings and of the Executive
  • Committee meetings
  • Advises TI of any changes in the club members addresses
  • Keeps the club correspondence
  • Maintains the club archive
  • Orders materials and sends membership fees to TI in collaboration with the Treasurer


The Treasurer
  • Prepares the annual budget
  • Carries out the changes of signatures with the bank
  • Collects the membership dues and supervises the collection of meeting fees
  • Sends the semi-annual and new member dues to TI
  • Orders materials from TI catalogue
  • Pays bills immediately
  • Prepares a written financial report
The Sergeant -At -Arms
  • Responsible for organising the meeting venue
  • Responsible for opening the meeting on time and with enthusiasm
  • Responsible for collecting the votes
  • Responsible for preparing the room for special occasions
  • Chairs the Welcoming Committee
Past President
  • Assists the current president
  • Ensures the Distinguished Club Program is being followed
  • Chairs the Club Officer Election Committee